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Skip the line fixed entrance: Michelangelo’s David guided tour

60 hours


[Per person]

Skip the line fixed entrance: Michelangelo’s David guided tour

Be amazed by the art of Michelangelo and get to know his masterpieces, including the David, The prisoners, San Matteo, and Palestrina Pietà. You will be astonished by the art by Michelangelo’s, you will fall in love with the symbol of the city of Florence.


Stand in awe over these Renaissance historic treasures at one of Florence’s most popular museums on this guided tour of the Accademia Gallery. Take a tour of the gallery to encounter its outstanding Michelangelo’s original ‘David’ sculpture; scout among the works by artists like Giambologna and Botticelli.

Listen to the astonishing storytelling commentary from your experienced English-speaking guide, who will let you feel you will be in a different era watching the artist sculpts his artwork in front of you.

The tension of this young shepherd in front of his terrible enemy was represented by Michelangelo with details like an intense expression in his eyes, an accurate contraction of the muscles showing the veins in relief where it would seem that the blood ran. Admired and acclaimed by experts and travelers worldwide this amazing sculpture is not only one of the greatest works of art ever, but it is also an icon of the Renaissance, one of the most revolutionary artistic periods of all times.

What you can expect

Enjoy this rich artistic tour and see one of Florence’s treasures by Michelangelo in the greatest detail. You will discover the artwork of Michelangelo’s magnificent David, the symbol of the city of Florence. We will delight you with the secrets and entertaining stories that only these professional guides know.

Walk around with your guide and learn about the life of Michelangelo the other artworks and see the unfinished work of “The Prisoners” , Palestrina Pietà and many other masterpieces of renaissance art

Thanks to the skip the line entrance ticket, your quick entry is guaranteed which ordinary visitors don’t get.





  • - The skip-the-line access is guaranteed, even during peak season.
  • - Small-group tour maximum 19
  • - Learn about the life of the great Michelangelo
  • - Enjoy a priority entrance with skip-the-line tickets.
  • - See other works by Michelangelo such as the unfinished “Prisoners”
  • - Explore Accademia Gallery and its fine collection of art and musical instruments


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Sites visited

  • - Gallery of the Academy of Florence – Skip-the-line