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Tour description

Dive in ancient history with an expert, English-speaking guide who will help you relive the glorious days of one of the most important monumental complexes in history. Take the opportunity to enjoy exclusive access to one of the world’s greatest attractions that includes the Arena, the Roman Forum and the Platine Hills, all packed into one unique tour that will surely take you back in time to the great Roman days. This tour that will accompany you to the most iconic sights of Rome, will first directly lead you to the spectacular arena floor, the sand floor on which gladiators fought for life and glory. Secondly you will be taken to witness the beauty of the views from the Palatine Hills and then explore the Roman Forum and dive into the history and the stories behind the life in Ancient Rome, also known as the Eternal city. Please note the tour may start with the Arena or Palatine Hill

What you can expect

Meet your licensed, English-speaking guide at the Arch of Constantine, before enjoying your express, skip-the-line access to the Flavian Amphitheatre, better known as the Colosseum. This incredible monument can boast with several records: it is the biggest, best-preserved Roman amphitheatre in the world and its tiers could host up to 75 thousand people. It is also declared as UNESCO World Heritage, along with the entire ancient centre of Rome and officially in the list of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

This tour will bring you to the first and second tier of the Colosseum, but you will also have the chance to enter and walk on the floor of the arena, a privilege most visitors don’t get to have (regular entrances are restricted to only walk on the edge of it). Here, beasts and gladiators fought bloody battles to entertain the cheering crowds during incredible shows offered by the emperors to their people.

The Arena

“Entering the Colosseum from the Gladiators’ Gate brings visitors directly to the arena and makes them feel like gladiators of the third millennium”.

The Arena is considered the most vital part of the Colosseum, where games, battles and shows took place. In addition to gladiator flights, in fact, death sentences were carried out in the arena, representation of haunting scenes with ferocious animals and navel battles, with the arena being flooded to reproduce a small lake where boats could be turned.

Be ready to become a Roman Spectator by listening to the vivid description of your guide, who will explain in detail how these shows were prepared and why they were so important for the Roman society, while revealing the true stories and secrets about some of the most famous characters of Roman history.

The Palatino Hill and the Roman Forum

Once outside the Colosseum, admire the triumphant Arch of Constantine, dating back to the 4th century and symbolises the moment in which the namesake emperor made Christianity the religion of the Empire. Then head to the social and political centre of Ancient Rome, also known to be the beating heart of the city, the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill, the oldest part of the eternal city, which was once a bustling market, placed. Learn about politics, religion and the everyday life of a Roman citizen, while hearing the story of the she-wolf that nursed Romulus and Remus, founders of the city.

Join us for a journey back in time, to the glorious days of what was once a great empire and experience the glory of living like a true Roman.

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Details and notes

On this tour, the venues or parts of them could be subject to last-minute, unpredictable closures (ongoing restoration, special events). When this occurs, we offer the customers an extended visit of the outside and/or of other attractions according to the advertised total length of the tour.

Additional Info
  • Due to increased security measures at the attractions some lines may form at the entrance.
  • Due to increased security measures attractions, strict rules apply to enter the venues (no knives, no scissors, no glass bottles, etc.).
  • No large backpacks or bulky luggage admitted.
  • A dress code is required to enter places of worship and selected museums. No shorts or sleeveless tops allowed. Knees and shoulders MUST be covered for both men and women. You may risk refused entry if you fail to comply with these dress requirements
  • Please wear comfortable shoes. During hot days wear a hat to protect yourself from the sun
  • Be at the meeting point 15 min prior departure time to check-in
Meeting Points
  • Be at the meeting point 15 min prior to departure time to check-in!
Cancellation policy

Our cancellation policy allows for a full refund for cancellations made with at least 24 hours' notice prior to the scheduled start of the tour. This policy helps us maintain efficient operations and ensures fairness to both our customers and our business.

Additionally, we require the name of each participant for ticket retrieval purposes, ensuring a streamlined and efficient check-in process for all attendees.

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