Terms and conditions

Wander Italy is an online service that offers a variety of tours, tickets and services.

This Website is provided to assist customers in gathering travel excursion information, posting opinions of travel excursions, and searching for and booking reservations for products. Not for any other purposes.

The terms mentioned below, define the conditions of access and use of the website. We request you to please, read them carefully.


  • terms and conditions of use refers to the terms and conditions which regulate the use of this website by the user.
  • services refers to the functions, devices, applications, information and other services available through this website.
  • user refers to any person which accesses and/or uses this website.
  • website refers to the “home page” and other pages characterized by the domain name wanderinitaly.com , owned and managed by Wander Italy Srl.
  • material/s refers to any type of material or immaterial good which is available through this website, including for instance merchandising products, data, drawings, images, photos, videos, illustrations, descriptions, informative texts, films, audio files, music and sounds, services, software and other accessorial programs.
  • content/s refers to messages, data, information, texts and other material including that of advertising nature.


When the user in any way uses this website, he/she agrees to obey these terms and conditions of use and other dispositions and directives that the terms and conditions of use refer to as well as to any of their subsequent variations. If the user does not agree to be bound by the above, he/she must not access, surf or in any way use the website.

Wander Italy reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any given time by posting integrations and modifications online. We suggest/recommend the user to review these Terms and Conditions frequently in order to be aware of any changes made by Wander Italy. If the user accesses or in any way uses (Wanderinitaly.com) website after modifications are posted, this would means he/she agrees to be legally bound by these Terms and Conditions as updated and/or amended.


Wander Italy allows the right of access to Wanderinitaly.com website only for informative, non-commercial personal use.
No material (including text, videos, images, photos, URLs, pricing information, etc.) can be copied, reproduced, republished, downloaded, posted, broadcasted, transmitted, make available to the public in any form and through any means, without the prior written permission of Wander Italy.

The user must respect all intellectual property rights concerning the materials, as for instance copyright, rights afferent to trademarks and other intellectual property rights or intellectual deprivation, owned by Wander Italy and of whom the customer doesn’t acquire any entitlement.

All the Materials of this Website are protected by the copyright defined by the expression “ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED” owned by Wander Italy and by its affiliates and/or Partners and/or of third party licensees.

The user cannot sell, commercialize, distribute the contents of the website or create works and/or materials contained/derived from wanderinitaly.com materials.


By submitting the booking form you are accepting the following conditions:

I understand that Wander Italy Srl. (the parent company of wanderinitaly.com)  will be using the email address I supply on the form to send me a confirmation and details of my reservation.

It is my responsibility to contact Wander Italy within three working days of submitting the form should I not receive the voucher confirmation.

I accept that it is not the responsibility of Wander Italy  to ensure that the email address I entered on the booking form is functioning correctly.

I understand and accept that Wander Italy assumes no responsibility and is not liable in any way for lack of service or access problems deriving from strikes or absence of personnel at any Italian State Museum.

I accept that it is my responsibility to carefully follow the instructions on my voucher.